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Creating CHANGE ⇴ Inspired ACTION & Ongoing SUPPORT

About the Books

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In this Compilation Tracka’Book™ Series, industry experts teach your participants how to create lasting change in their lives, by learning how to take inspired action through effective, ongoing support around their dreams & goals.

This book series is a benefit to anyone who has personal growth events & programs, as a hand-out to their participants, or to sell to their tribe so they can get the most out of their experience!

This series connects with the FREE App for additional resources and bonus content from contributing authors. You can also track the path of the series as it’s shared through the App!

How do Tracka'Books Work?

People read the Tracka'Book™ series.Then they download the FREE "JOURNEY Onward" App, where they can track the path of the series. This gives them access to Members-only App content, resources and offers from each Featured Expert in the series.Then they pass the series on to someone else to read, track, and access each Expert's content in the App, allowing those messages to ripple out into the world!

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How is being in this App of value?
90% of time on a smartphone is spent inside an App (NOT mobile optimized websites)44% of the world is now using smartphones (with 70% expected to have a smartphone by 2020!)Mobile Apps are the most accessible way to share content The Number of mobile users surpassed desktop users in 2014 71% of marketers believe that mobile marketing is the core of their business

How do you stay actively engaged AFTER the event/program is complete? Whether you're a program manager, event planner or a participant looking to create lasting change in your life, learn how to build affordable & effective support with minimal time/effort in this App!

Chapter Topics

There are 3 books in the series, and each book is focused on a different support category. Look at the list below (any that are crossed out are already taken) and see which of these topics you have (or can create) content around, and want to be featured as an expert on (only 1 featured expert per topic, 12 experts in the series, so spots are limited):

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MINI-BOOK I. ~ Inspiration
Connecting with the transformational experience:

Alignment/Purpose (the growth you desire in your life)Inspiration/Motivation (what inspires or motivates you)Reflection (commitments & memorable experiences)Re-Integration (how "returning home" might go)Intention (dreaming your goals & changes)Anticipation (obstacles & reframing)

MINI-BOOK II. ~ Motivation
Turning inspiration into realistic goals & action steps:

Journaling (writing about your experiences)Goals (converting dreams into SMART goals/steps & reminders)Habits (breaking/replacing unhealthy habits)Momentum (building confidence through small successes)Completions (celebrating your achievements!)Re-Evaluate/Renegotiate (staying aligned with your purpose)

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MINI-BOOK III. ~ Support
Create lasting change through ongoing support:

Pre-Paving (connections & setting intentions)Coaching (programs & 1-1 coaching)Accountability (partners & commitments)Groups (support groups & peers) Relationships (friends, family, work & partners)Connections (connection builds support)

What You Get

JOURNEY Onward Series

A Dedicated Chapter in the Tracka'Book™ series: Pick a topic (1 expert per topic, 12 total) to write a chapter for (2-3 pgs.)

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100 copies of the 3-book series shipped to you to sell or give away (3/$25 sugg. value)

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To become a Featured Expert, please schedule a conversation with Trevor Thomas below:

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Trevor Thomas (Step Into your BIGness!) is the author of "'Reminders' From Within," and the owner of LightWerx Media (Conscious Web, Print & Media Design). He is an Int'l speaker, workshop leader and coach on Creating Support & Sustainable Change.

He is also the creator of The Journey Inward ~ Planner & eCommunity (find Inspiration, Encouragement & Support around your Personal Growth), and The Journey Onward (Create CHANGE through Inspired ACTION & Ongoing SUPPORT).